Sue Jalowiec

1 year ago
Have you ever watched a video and said out loud "oh get on with it!"?

Maybe I'm especially impatient, but I realized that some of our longer videos have a lot of steps or many topics.  I don't want to waste anyone's precious knitting time, so we came up with a new feature for our videos.... Jumplinks

We're now adding links so you can more easily fast-forward to the section of these long videos that you need.  Look below the video for buttons to jump.

Not all 600+ videos will have jumplinks, but going forward they'll be included in the longer new videos and we'll update others as we run across them. 

Do you have a favorite Knit it Now video that could use jumplinks?  Please let us know.


 Scalloped eyelet hem video
Lorraine Lucas

1 year ago
A very nice feature when you are looking for something specific!
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