Jenny M Benson

1 year ago
Every few years I re-publish my quest for a knitting pattern I had about 30-40 years ago.  I don't remember who sold it, but it was advertised in the Classified section of one of the MK magazines we had in those days.

The pattern was entitled "Magic Garden" and it was a batwing sweater decorated with individual motifs of various different flowers, birds and butterflies. With the clever design of the 24-stitch punchcards - and, I think, movement of the motif cams - one created motifs that were, overall a lot wider than just 24 stitches.

It produced a stunning garment and strangers would often stop me in the street to ask about it.  I don't know what happened to my sweater and sadly I don't even have a photo of it any more.  I have asked and asked if anyone remembers the pattern, or better still has a copy of it, but no luck to date.
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