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Lacy Leaves Jacket - Dynamic Pattern
Cardigan Misses Square V Neck
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Designed for the standard gauge machine, this lightweight, lacy Plus Size Cardigan is a year round beauty!

(With the Dynamic Pattern, you can use any yarn and any machine).
This high hip length sweater features 3/4 sleeves with lace cuffs and hem. The lace insert in the center back adds interest and the lace along the side seams and around the armholes gives it a designer touch.
The lace work on this sweater is not for a beginner. You MUST have a firm understanding of your lace carriage for success.

The sweater is finished with I-cord accents on all seams. (Included is a tutorial for the I-cord techniques)

Ellen has outdone herself with the leaf motifs floating on a lace ground at the neckline.

The sample was knit on a Brother standard machine, using the lace carriage. Included are extensive directions for the challenging lace work.

No lace carriage? Substitute any stitch pattern and make it your own! (Just make sure you can block the substitute lace or other stitch pattern to the gauge of the body of the sweater)

This pattern is also available in PLUS sizes.

Indie Designer Pattern
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