Runa - Inspiration


Through the Eyes of a Machine Knitter

Runa, derived from a Japanese name meaning "moon", is a simple structure featuring kimono lace running along the neck and shoulder-line of this sweater.

This sweater showcases a drop shoulder style with positive ease in the body and slim-fit sleeves.

HK Original
MK Substitute
Drop Shoulder Style Use any armhole style you choose
Original lace stitch pattern Hand manipulate and copy the original or substitute any stitch pattern
Hand knit lace yoke Mix 'n Match: Consider knitting the lace yoke by hand and picking up the stitches on the machine to knit the (boring) body sections
Notice that the description of the original pattern mentions "slim-fit sleeves". We've been seeing this as a current trend in new knitting patterns. Be sure to review the upper arm measurement for your project.