Pony Tail RTR Hat - Inspiration

Pony Tail RTR Hat

Through the Eyes of a Machine Knitter

Knit a simple hat with RTR (remove, turn, rehang) on any machine to provide beautiful texture and a hole for a messy bun or ponytail.

Hats are a fun way to find success with your knitting. They take small quantities of yarn and are fast to knit. Want to try a new-to-you technique? A hat is a great place to try it with little commitment.

From plain to fancy, hats make great gifts (less sizing issues than sweaters) and are appreciated by everyone.

Shine your halo by knitting hats for those in need in your community.
  1. Use any of the Knit it Now hat patterns.
  2. Add sections of plain knitting, reverse stockinette and 1x1 ribbing as desired
  3. Knit the desired length of the hat (A)
  4. Create a row of Eyelets
  5. Knit 1-2" for the top "ruffle" (B)
  6. Seam the hat
  7. Run an I-Cord or Twisted Cord through the eyelets to gather