Glennis Cowl

Glennis Cowl - Inspiration

Through the Eyes of a Machine Knitter

3 features of this beautiful cowl caught my eye.... How about you?

Contrasting horizontal and vertical stripes

Use of self-striping yarn

Finished cowl shape, reducing the bulk at the back of the neck
But my first thought was .... 'What about GAUGE???"

I know in my heart that the gauge of the vertical stripes is going to be considerably different than the horizontal stripes.
Hand knitters often ignore this fact and simply change needle size.

Examining the original pattern, the designer does change needle size, but only offers one gauge in her instructions. I'm guessing she expects the knitter to match her gauge in both stitch patterns.

To create your own Glennis Cowl:
  • Use the original Knit Picks pattern and knit 2 swatches, either changing your machine tension until they match or re-calculate the knitting pattern to match your gauge.
  • Use the Knit it Now Beechnut Cowl pattern, working both sections with horizontal (row) stripes. Only 1 swatch and no need to match gauge!