Seawaves Top

Seawaves Top - Inspiration

Through the Eyes of a Machine Knitter

This lightweight top is ideal for spring and summer—its pretty lace detail alludes to beach holidays, ocean breezes, and frothy sea waves.

This is a feminine, relaxed, and casual sweater, to be worn equally well with a dress, pretty skirt, or your favorite shorts.

Create the waves with a little hand manipulation on the machine. The body can be worked with an easy elongated stitch pattern.

The sleeves and hem can be knit with our Wavy lace pattern
Use the Knit it Now Carnation pattern. It includes sideways sleeves (so the waves travel from cuff to shoulder)
Ignore any neck depth shaping for a "boat neck" mimicking the original pattern. Or consider cut 'n sew for a bit of front neck shaping comfort.

The original is knit in one piece, but the design lends its self well to a drop shoulder sweater for machine knitters. Knit the sleeves sideways to copy the original pattern.

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