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Tip of the Week

Sock Gusset

Tip of the week: sock-gusset

The shaped gusset heel is what makes The Ultimate Machine Knit Socks fit great!

This tutorial covers casting on and shaping the gusset.

Also included are photos of finished socks to get your creative juices flowing!

Error in pattern {pattern.stp}. There are 2 selecting yarns at row {#}.
Adjust the needle slection control in the appropriate palette cells. Or see autumn1.stp for and example of using 2 identical yarn colors, one as selecting, and one as non-selecting.
Stitch Designer Fairisle: On the rows indicated there are multiple colors that are selecting
Intarsia: a;sldkf j;lk asd;f
right/wrong side facing: alksdfj laskjdf lsdkj
-Check your knitting method - Check the long/short needle indicator
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