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Why Knit Soap Sacks?

Soap Sacks for Charity
Stacy Wiener, Founder of S.A.C.K. (Supporting A Community with Kindness), discovered through volunteering at food pantries, that there was a lack of essential toiletries available. One key reason is that people are not able to use government subsidies, such as food stamps (i.e. SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), to purchase them.

Stacy established Soapsacks (https://www.soapsacks.com/), a knitting initiative to connect people from all over the world while crocheting/knitting soap sacks and then donating them (with a bar of soap in each one) to homeless shelters, food pantries, veteran clinics, relief efforts and social service agencies.

Since starting S.A.C.K., it is estimated that over 280,000 soap sacks have been distributed by volunteers in every state in the U.S., as well as Asia, Australia, Europe and Canada. The response has also been overwhelmingly positive, with over 9,000 Facebook followers. There is a definite need for toiletries throughout the underserved population.
When it comes to deciding on whether to eat vs. buy soap and shampoo, the choice becomes simple.

Extend the lifespan of your bars of soap
A Soap Sack (Soap Saver) is a bathroom accessory that helps extend the lifespan of your bars. Instead of storing your soap bar on a bathroom ledge, where it never fully dries, soap savers keep your bars in top shape by lifting them off the ground.