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Cilantro Pullover Plus Vest - Dynamic Pattern
V Neck Shaped Shoulder Pullover Customizable Neck Depth
Finished Sizing
inches | metric
Women's Plus basic pullover vest, V neckline and shaped shoulders. Underarm panels are included to accommodate the needlebed limitations. Use these panels as design features by incorporating color, stitch patterns, cables or decorative seams.

Pattern Elements (5 pieces)
  1. Back
  2. Front
  3. underarm panel
  4. Neck Band
  5. Armhole Bands
Included with this pattern are technique tutorials.
  • V-Neck Bands
V-Neck Bands Tutroial for Machine Knitting
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Included with this pattern are technique tutorials. V-Neck Bands
Knitting V-Neck pullovers shouldn't be intimidating. Watch as we shape a practice neckline and doubled stockinette band.

Included are instructions for calculating the number of band stitches and detailed instructions for knitting a perfect band ... every time!

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