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Let's Knit Some Slacks - Dynamic Pattern

by Jodie Raymond

From Jodie:

"Once you have worn properly knitted slacks, you will prefer no other kind. This book features attractive, comfortable and wearable slacks in several styles for all occasions. Diagrams and written instructions are included..... Once you have tried them, you'll love them!"


  • Detailed measuring instructions
  • Instruction for perfect fit
  • 2 piece slacks
  • 4 piece slacks
  • circular leg slacks
  • multiple waistband techniques

57 pages

Well known, long time machine knitter, Jodie Raymond traveled extensively sharing her knowledge of machine knitting. Known for her excellent finishing work and her clear instructions, Jodi authored 17 books in her long career.

Knit it Now is honored to have purchased the publishing rights her books and is including her work in tutorials and patterns.

Traditional Paper Format

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