Cut 'n Sew (Sew 'n Cut) is a great alternative to shaping necklines. It is especially helpful when knitting in pattern... no starting and stopping the pattern to work each side of a neckline.

You don't need a fancy serger to work cut 'n sew. A basic sewing machine will do the trick!

The focus of this Knit-along is finishing and bands. We will explore both single and double bands that will neatly hide the cut edges of your neckline.
If you prefer to shape your necklines, these finishes can also be used.

NOTE: We've scheduled LIVE workshop meetings at times that may be more convenient for our knitting friends outside the US

  • Sat Oct 7 10am (us pacific)
  • Fri Oct 13 6pm (us pacific)
  • Sat Oct 14 10am (us pacific)
  • Sat Oct 21 6am (us pacific) *** NOTE the time ***
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Knit-Along Outline

  • Why Cut 'n Sew
  • Introduction to Cut 'n Sew
  • Live with O Jolly
  • Stabilizer Trick
  • Knit it Now Printable Templates
  • Cut 'n Sew and DesignaKnit
  • Band Finishing Trick NEW
  • Turning Rows NEW
  • Grading the Bands NEW
  • Calculating Bands
  • Industrial Band Variations
  • One Piece Neckband Perfection
  • Amazing Reversible Band (2 piece)
  • Faux Garter Band
  • Seaming Bands NEW
  • Shoulders NEW
  • Wrapped Neckband NEW
  • 1 Piece Band VS 2 Piece Band NEW
  • Practice Pattern
  • Don't Just Watch Videos!
  • Checklists NEW
  • Vintage and Current Printed Books
  • Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Pillow Shapes
  • Sandwich Band with FNR Collar
  • Collar Exercise
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