Learn/Practice knitting lace on your machine.
No matter what machine you use, you can knit lace. Learn/Practice knitting lace on your machine.
Let's explore the various ways of making holes in our knitting
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Knit-Along Outline

  • Tuck Lace
  • Stitch Multiples
  • Tuck Lace Examples
  • Tuck Lace Practice: Manual Machines
  • Tuck Lace Practice: Automatic Patterning Machines
  • Swatching in Pattern
  • pattern
  • Week1: Q&A
  • Week 2: Making Holes
  • Don't Skip This
  • Reading Lace Charts and Punchcards
  • Simple Lace Practice
  • Swatching practice
  • Week 2: Q&A
  • Week 3: Multiple Stitch Transfers
  • Brother Fine Lace
  • Studio Fashion Lace
  • Blocking
  • DesignaKnit and Lace
  • Conclusion
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