Learn/Practice knitting lace on your machine.
No matter what machine you use, you can knit lace. Each week we'll explore 2 stitch patterns. Both will be chosen so they can be knit with an automatic patterning machine or hand manipulated.
One pattern will be eyelets (transferred stitches automatically or by hand). The other pattern will be a "lace" alternative (tuck lace, needles out of work, partial knitting)
Knit as many of the stitch patterns as you like or choose your own.
The goal is to try a few of the techniques for a short bit and put them all together for an interesting Sampler Scarf.
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Knit-Along Outline

  • Tuck Lace
  • Stitch Multiples
  • Tuck Lace Examples
  • Tuck Lace Practice: Manual Machines
  • Tuck Lace Practice: Automatic Patterning Machines
  • Swatching in Pattern
  • pattern
  • Week1: Q&A
  • Week 2: Making Holes
  • Don't Skip This
  • Reading Lace Charts and Punchcards
  • Simple Lace Practice
  • Swatching practice
  • Week 2: Q&A
  • Week 3: Multiple Lace Transfers
  • Brother Fine Lace
  • Blocking
  • DesignaKnit and Lace
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Oct 09
Lace Workshop Day 1

Oct 16
Lace Workshop Day 2

Oct 30
Lace Workshop Day 3