Maybe you haven't had success knitting sweaters, or maybe your 1st sweater was a bit ambitious for you.

This easy-to-knit sweater is the perfect confidence booster. No matter what your experience level, use this pattern as a canvas for your creativity.

The course includes the Dynamic, Perfect Fit pattern in 4 sizes: kids to adults. The patterns are written in our interactive style. Included are detailed, step-by-step videos to help you knit your one-of-a-kind sweater (and enjoy success!)

As always, you can use ANY machine, ANY yarn and ANY stitch pattern.

Do you use an LK-150? The start-to-finish videos were recorded on your machine
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Knit-Along Outline

  • LIVE Q&A meetings
  • Join the fun!
  • Knitting Overview
  • Rolled Hem Study
  • Open Shoulder Video
  • New to Perfect Fit Patterns?
  • Choose your Pattern
  • Build your Custom Pattern
  • Your Custom Pattern
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