"I can knit that on the machine!"

Join us as we explore 3 ways of using a hand knitting pattern for machine knitting. Duplicate the designer details and use any yarn, any machine and your own creativity!

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Knit-Along Outline

  • Knit a HK pattern on the Knitting Machine
  • The Original Pattern
  • Questions? Visit the Forum
  • Establish Gauge and Sizing
  • Establish Gauge and sizing
  • Matching Gauge
  • Create your Schematic
  • Info from the Pattern Notes
  • Uncover your MK Pattern Instructions
  • Practice Reading/Translating a HK Pattern
  • Gauge Conversion Tool
  • Convert the Big Hug Pattern Gauge
  • Extra Credit | More practice
  • Are the lightbulbs coming on?
  • Questions? Need Help?
  • Re-Charting the Pattern Shaping
  • Use Knit it Now Tools
  • Slope Tool
  • Magic Formula
  • Challenge - Shorten the Big Hug Sleeves
  • Ready for the Easy Way?
  • Garment shapes
  • Using Dynamic Patterns
  • Pattern Suggestions
  • One Tweak (The Funnel Neck)
  • Are you Inspired?
  • Ellen's Updated Funnel
  • Funnel Neck Inspiration
  • Which Method Works for you?
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