Shaping Necklines is one of the most challenging things for machine knitters to master. We split the knitting and shape one side, then go back and mirror the shaping on the opposite side. Adding shoulder shaping adds to the the challenge.

We can choose to shape with decreases and bindoffs or use short row shaping.

Let's explore the options for shaping necklines and perfect our skills.
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Knit-Along Outline

  • How does this work?
  • Using Knit it Now Charts
  • One side shaping (cardigan)
  • Videos: Compare Shaping Methods
  • Best Shaping Method?
  • Short Row Demo
  • Build your Practice One Side Pattern
  • Preview/Download your Custom pattern
  • Why shoulder shaping?
  • Practice
  • The Goal
  • Don't Skip These
  • Video: Shallow Round Neck Shaping
  • Build your Shallow Round Neck
  • Preview/Download your Custom pattern
  • Beautiful Shoulder Seams
  • The Goal
  • Video: Deep Round Neck
  • Build your Deep Round Neck Pattern
  • Preview/Download your Custom pattern
  • Adjusting the depth of a round neckline
  • Full Size Graph Paper
  • Now that you are an expert ....
  • Neckband Options
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