Crossover V-Neckband - knit-along

Crossover V-Neckband

This Subscriber Knit-along features a classic band for a V-Neck pullover.

This is an alternative to a mitered band
This style is easier for machine knitters.

Join us to learn and practice skills that you will use again and again:

  • How to shape a V-Neckline including a variety of decorative decreases
  • How to neatly join shoulder seams
  • How to calculate a neckband
  • How to plan a neckband for beautiful seams
  • How to pick up and attach a separate neckband
  • How to neatly finish the Crossover V
No ribber? No problem!
The material presented will be helpful in creating v-neck bands with any method.
  • Hand manipulate the ribbing
  • Check out our rolled edge stockinette band


Oct 13 LIVE

Oct 20 Zoom
Custom Christmas Stockings - knit-along

Custom Christmas Stockings

Join us to learn and practice skills that you will use again and again:

Get creative with custom Christmas stockings. Make them your way with your choice of sizes, styles and stitch patterns.
Skills you will practice in this Knit-along:
  • Ribbing
  • Hems
  • Short Row shaping
  • Seams
  • Stitch patterns and or stripes
The Knit-along will run for the month of October.
After the live Knit-along ends, the material will remain in your Knit it Now Library, there is no time limit to finish.

Class Schedule
10/1/2021: Release of the Knit-Along materials including the Christmas Stocking Collection pattern, videos and tips.

10/13/2021: LIVE Q&A with Sue

10/20/2021: LIVE Zoom for questions and to share successes

Be sure to be logged into your Knit it Now account for access to the Knit-along materials. When you first log into the Knit-along, you will be placed on a a list to receive email updates during the month

Round Neck Finishing - knit-along

Round Neck Finishing

Finishing round necklines is always a challenge for knitters. Neckbands add the finishing touch to your sweaters. No part of the sweater is more visible, so it's important to master the ART of knitting bands.

  • We're picking up stitches along a round shape

  • The neckline consists of both stitches and rows

  • The neckline needs to stay stretchy to fit over the head (for a pullover)

  • Keeping the band flat against the body is the goal for a professional finish
During this Knit-along, we will tackle these issues and practice a number of neckband techniques. The confidence you gain will go a long way to success with EVERY sweater you knit in the future.
Neckbands and Collars - knit-along

Neckbands and Collars

From simple to fancy, neckbands and collars add the finishing touch to any sweater. Let's work on our finishing skills and explore adding collars to any sweater.

Before tackling finishing, it's important to have neckline shaping skills mastered.

NOTE: The LIVE Q&A from Wed. Jan 27 did not record there is no replay available.

Poncho - knit-along


No matter where you are on your journey, from the all-important planning stage to finishing, this knit-along will help you gain confidence with your machine and you will end up with a beautiful, custom-designed poncho.

Ponchos are timeless alternatives to sweaters. Easy on / easy off warmth they are a perfect project if you are just getting started with your knitting machine, or if you are ready to spread your wings and try new-to-you techniques.

Play with yarn and stitch patterns, add designer touches ... use the basic rectangle shapes as a canvas for your creativity.

Take it step-by-step and work at your own pace. Visit the forum and see what other knitters are doing and reach out for help when you need it.

If you are not a subscriber, the Basic Poncho pattern is available - create your own design!
Hand Knitting Patterns for Machine Knitting - knit-along

Hand Knitting Patterns for Machine Knitting

"I can knit that on the machine!"

Join us as we explore 3 ways of using a hand knitting pattern for machine knitting. Duplicate the designer details and use any yarn, any machine and your own creativity!

This subscriber knit-along is based on the course If you aren't a subscriber the course is available here.
Cuff-to-Cuff Sweaters - knit-along

Cuff-to-Cuff Sweaters

Subscribers: Expand your horizons by knitting cuff-to-cuff

Knitting sweaters this way gives us sizing flexibility and a fun way to think about adding color and texture ... sideways!

Cuff to cuff also helps with the needlebed limitations for larger sizes.

Knit a quick baby sweater and explore the options, or jump in and knit an adult size sideways sweater. It's your choice!
  • Plan your cuff-to-cuff
  • Mix 'n Match stitch patterns
  • Yokes/skirts for added length
  • Shaping for a "swing" style

Subscribers: Please join us for some sideways knitting. There will be 3 LIVE meetings (via Zoom) and a number of patterns to choose - from babies to adults.

Click the button for news about this Knit-Along
Fearless Cut 'n Sew Finishing - knit-along

Fearless Cut 'n Sew Finishing

Cut 'n Sew (Sew 'n Cut) is a great alternative to shaping necklines. It is especially helpful when knitting in pattern... no starting and stopping the pattern to work each side of a neckline.

You don't need a fancy serger to work cut 'n sew. A basic sewing machine will do the trick!

The focus of this Knit-along is finishing. We will explore both single and double bands that will neatly hide the cut edges of your neckline.
Prickly Pear Knit-Along - knit-along

Prickly Pear Knit-Along

Maybe you haven't had success knitting sweaters, or maybe your 1st sweater was a bit ambitious for you.

This easy-to-knit sweater is the perfect confidence booster. No matter what your experience level, use this pattern as a canvas for your creativity.

The course includes the Dynamic, Perfect Fit pattern in 4 sizes: kids to adults. The patterns are written in our interactive style. Included are detailed, step-by-step videos to help you knit your one-of-a-kind sweater (and enjoy success!)

As always, you can use ANY machine, ANY yarn and ANY stitch pattern.

Do you use an LK-150? The start-to-finish videos were recorded on your machine
Ear Flap Collection - knit-along

Ear Flap Collection

With 4 crown styles and 2 ear flap options this Ear Flap Collection will be a favorite for knitters of all skill levels.
The classic style will keep your ears warm and your hat in place when the wind blows.
3 Part Lace Workshop - knit-along

3 Part Lace Workshop

Learn/Practice knitting lace on your machine.
No matter what machine you use, you can knit lace. Learn/Practice knitting lace on your machine.
Let's explore the various ways of making holes in our knitting
Ribber Knit-Along 2 - knit-along

Ribber Knit-Along 2

Over the next 4 weeks, we will expand on the experience gained in the Ribber 1 Knit-along.

If you haven't worked the exercises in that Knit-along, please take a look at the topics covered.
Sampler Block Blanket Challenge - knit-along

Sampler Block Blanket Challenge

Here's a 'no stress' project that will hone your skills with easy-to-complete exercises. You will need to have played with tuck and slip on your machine .... ANY machine! (you have your manual ... right?) 
You will:
  • Gain confidence in swatching and measuring for gauge
  • Compare stitch pattern techniques
  • Learn more about stitch patterning on your machine
  • Practice seaming and joining
  • Learn and try finishing techniques
We will be knitting and assembling blocks, focusing on stitch patterning techniques. The knitting will be done in small, bite-size chunks so you can focus on the concepts, but end up with a useful blanket for yourself, a friend or someone in need.

Although designed for ANY machine, this Knit-Along is perfect for LK-150 knitters who are ready to take the next steps on their journey ... stitch patterning. If you are just getting started, we suggest the course "Master LK-150 Patterning". It's designed just for you!
Basic Socks Knit-Along - knit-along

Basic Socks Knit-Along

Knitting socks on a flatbed knitting machine doesn't have to be intimidating. If you can knit short rows, you can knit these basic socks. (If you haven't tried short row shaping ... here's a great place to learn!)