Cuff-to-Cuff Sweaters - knit-along

Cuff-to-Cuff Sweaters

Subscribers: Expand your horizons by knitting cuff-to-cuff

Knitting sweaters this way gives us sizing flexibility and a fun way to think about adding color and texture ... sideways!

Cuff to cuff also helps with the needlebed limitations for larger sizes.

Knit a quick baby sweater and explore the options, or jump in and knit an adult size sideways sweater. It's your choice!
  • Plan your cuff-to-cuff
  • Mix 'n Match stitch patterns
  • Yokes/skirts for added length
  • Shaping for a "swing" style

Subscribers: Please join us for some sideways knitting. There will be 3 LIVE meetings (via Zoom) and a number of patterns to choose - from babies to adults.

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Fearless Cut 'n Sew Finishing - knit-along

Fearless Cut 'n Sew Finishing

Cut 'n Sew (Sew 'n Cut) is a great alternative to shaping necklines. It is especially helpful when knitting in pattern... no starting and stopping the pattern to work each side of a neckline.

You don't need a fancy serger to work cut 'n sew. A basic sewing machine will do the trick!

The focus of this Knit-along is finishing. We will explore both single and double bands that will neatly hide the cut edges of your neckline.
Prickly Pear Knit-Along - knit-along

Prickly Pear Knit-Along

Maybe you haven't had success knitting sweaters, or maybe your 1st sweater was a bit ambitious for you.

This easy-to-knit sweater is the perfect confidence booster. No matter what your experience level, use this pattern as a canvas for your creativity.

The course includes the Dynamic, Perfect Fit pattern in 4 sizes: kids to adults. The patterns are written in our interactive style. Included are detailed, step-by-step videos to help you knit your one-of-a-kind sweater (and enjoy success!)

As always, you can use ANY machine, ANY yarn and ANY stitch pattern.

Do you use an LK-150? The start-to-finish videos were recorded on your machine
Ear Flap Collection - knit-along

Ear Flap Collection

With 4 crown styles and 2 ear flap options this Ear Flap Collection will be a favorite for knitters of all skill levels.
The classic style will keep your ears warm and your hat in place when the wind blows.
3 Part Lace Workshop - knit-along

3 Part Lace Workshop

Learn/Practice knitting lace on your machine.
No matter what machine you use, you can knit lace. Learn/Practice knitting lace on your machine.
Let's explore the various ways of making holes in our knitting
Ribber Knit-along - knit-along

Ribber Knit-along

  • Maybe you've played with your ribber, but it is still intimidating
  • Have you've only used it for 1x1 ribbing on cuffs? .... OMG! There is sooo much more you can do!
  • Let's dust off that machine, give it a little oil (and love) and get knitting!
Ribber Knit-Along 2 - knit-along

Ribber Knit-Along 2

Over the next 4 weeks, we will expand on the experience gained in the Ribber 1 Knit-along.

If you haven't worked the exercises in that Knit-along, please take a look at the topics covered.
Sampler Block Blanket Challenge - knit-along

Sampler Block Blanket Challenge

Here's a 'no stress' project that will hone your skills with easy-to-complete exercises. You will need to have played with tuck and slip on your machine .... ANY machine! (you have your manual ... right?) 
You will:
  • Gain confidence in swatching and measuring for gauge
  • Compare stitch pattern techniques
  • Learn more about stitch patterning on your machine
  • Practice seaming and joining
  • Learn and try finishing techniques
We will be knitting and assembling blocks, focusing on stitch patterning techniques. The knitting will be done in small, bite-size chunks so you can focus on the concepts, but end up with a useful blanket for yourself, a friend or someone in need.

Although designed for ANY machine, this Knit-Along is perfect for LK-150 knitters who are ready to take the next steps on their journey ... stitch patterning. If you are just getting started, we suggest the course "Master LK-150 Patterning". It's designed just for you!
Basic Socks Knit-Along - knit-along

Basic Socks Knit-Along

Knitting socks on a flatbed knitting machine doesn't have to be intimidating. If you can knit short rows, you can knit these basic socks. (If you haven't tried short row shaping ... here's a great place to learn!)