You have a pattern that you'd love to knit, but the upper arm measurement of the set-in sleeve is too small. You can't just enlarge the sleeve because it still needs to fit into the armhole of the sweater.

This issue often comes up with men's and plus size sweaters.

The Knit it Now 4 part video series covers each step in detail.
  • Using a dressmakers slash and spread method
  • Try a pencil and graph paper method
  • If you are inclined, use a math method that involves square roots and the magic formula
All this and more are included in the videos. 8 printable pages are offered in this challenge. Using different numbers than the video, your challenge is to work through the calculations after studying the video. (The answers are provided).

Suggested Understanding:

Basic understanding of garment construction.
Knowledge of a set-in sleeve head and armhole opening.

This is not a beginner's topic, although beginners should be familiar with the concepts.

Supporting Files

Charting - Enlarging the upper arm of a set in sleeve File Charting - Enlarging the upper arm of a set in sleeve