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Using the DesignaKnit Stitch Designer, choose an image of a flower, place it on the front of an existing shape file. Manipulate DAK to position the single motif exactly where you want it on the garment.

This technique can be used for Intarsia, garter carriage, embroidery or any technique using a pre-designed single motif on a knitted piece.

Tools/Techniques used:
  • Stitch Patterns
  • Garment Shape
  • Import Single Motif
  • Left and Right Mouse Button

  • View - Info
  • Move Piece Button
  • Cutout Button
  • Method of Knitting
  • Suggested Understanding:

    • DesignaKnit 7
    • Familiarity with Stitch Designer
    • Familiarity with Shape Files

    Supporting Files

    Sample Shape File File Sample Shape File
    Poinsettia Stitch Pattern File Poinsettia Stitch Pattern