This video is appropriate for the new user to DesignaKnit to rapidly create a sweater ready to knit. It also is a great refresher course for those who haven't been using this section optimally, and for the experienced user to create a garment that will be edited and modified later in Original Pattern Drafting. Here, we will be creating a new garment by walking the user through a short set of Windows with questions for DesignaKnit to collect the information it needs to create your garment, and then the program automatically creates the garment ready to print out for hand or machine knit instructions, or for Interactive Knitting. The ability to create a standard garment shaping file will give you the ability to create a sweater, vest or skirt rapidly. This is the perfect place to learn DesignaKnit and to have something in hand that you can immediately use for your knitting projects. Once you have made this file, you can easily use this same shape over for garment after garment simply by adjusting the pattern that fits you to your new tension swatch (Other / Tensions) that you have made in your new yarn. DesignaKnit does all the calculations for you! Let’s work on this now.