This week I had too many contacts from new knitters who were ready to quit.  It breaks my heart.

 "I’m totally lost.  I can’t even knit a swatch. I’m wanting to use up tons of yarn   I hand knit and crochet but I’m having so much trouble machine knitting" ~ Rebecca

"I am getting very frustrated trying to learn this and may sell my machine on E-bay. I know there is a lot to learn, but this is supposed to be fun and so far it is nothing but aggravation" ~ Kay

EVERY machine knitter feels this way when getting started. Gosh, we even feel this way after knitting for a while  

They key is sticking with it and getting encouragement from other knitters. 

Fellow Knitters: Will you help these newbies (and others like them)
We've set up a dedicated voice mail line to collect your encouragement to pass along


Leave a message, tell your story and lets keep Rebecca, Kay and others "in the fold"

*Let's encourage the newbies*