Knit a perfectly formed heart shaped pillow. Use as a blank canvas to embellish and make it your own.
  • Practice multiple shaping techniques
  • Your choice of charting methods
  • Finish with crochet or get creative

This is great practice for charting/creating odd-shaped knitting pieces. Think of tooth-fairy pillows in the shape of a tooth, or a car or a boat ... the sky is the limit!

Design your Own - 2 Methods

DAK - Drafting Odd Shaped Pieces

Design with "to-scale" Knitters Graph Paper


Watch as we knit ours

Perfect your skills using short-rows to work increases.

Practice putting needles in hold and working each side of the top of the heart separately.

Another option: Cut 'n Sew

Instead of drafting the shape and shaping while you knit ... knit a square and cut 'n sew!

This skill is often used to shape necklines. This pillow is an excellent way to get over the fear of cutting your knitting.

Create unusual shapes without the hassle of drafting ... fearless cut 'n sew!

Tutorials - Skills you Should Know

Finishing the Ruffled Heart Pillow

Heart Shaped Pillow Form


Extra Goodies to Help you Knit Your Pillow

Printed pattern

Heart Template

DesignaKnit shape file