Can you knit a rectangle (to an exact size?)

Do you struggle with measuring accurate gauge?

Here's a great project that will help you get more comfortable with measuring gauge AND confirming that you are measuring correctly.

Is also a great opportunity for stash busing and playing with stitch patterns.

The key to the positioning of the points of this scarf is knitting to the exact pattern dimensions.

Swatching is NOT optional!

Construction Notes

  • For nice drape and position of the points, knit an adult size at 16" x 20" (40cm x 50cm)

  • The rectangle is folded in half from opposite corners

  • The corners are then joined with a button

  • Because both the "right" and "wrong" sides of the knitting are public facing, a reversible stitch pattern is recommended.

The DIY Pattern

Rectangle / Square

Rectangle / Square

Enter your stitch/row gauge and your dimensions to create simple scarves, shawls and blankets.
Use the Knit it Now "no math" tool to calculate your easy-knitting instructions.
  1. Click the green rectangle
  2. Enter your gauge (Inches or cm)
  3. Enter the scarf dimensions
  4. click "Create My Knitting Instructions


  1. Choose a soft drapey yarn and stitch pattern

  2. Because the rectangle is folded in half from corner-to-corner, the size of the rectangle determines not only the depth of the draping, but the position of the points.
    It's important to establish your gauge and knit the rectangle to the correct size

  3. Reversible Stitch Pattern Suggestions:
  4. Add a button or ties