You're the designer

Use your ribber for a quick project. Fisherman Rib or English Rib (Half-Fisherman Rib) stitch patterns are reversible, soft, and stretchy. For ear warmers, there is practically no finishing!

Make these useful ear warmers for fast gifts or craft fair sales.

Leave them plain or dress them up with flowers or buttons ... get creative! Use your ribber and practice this easy tuck rib technique.
  1. Choose a style (Buttoned, Rolled, Twisted or Wrapped)

  2. Choose your yarn and stitch pattern

  3. Knit a swatch and create your pattern

  4. Get Knitting!


Buttoned Version

  1. Cast on with any method

  2. Knit a rectangle to size in Fisherman or English Rib

  3. When the knitting is complete, run the tail through the live stitches and gather the end.

  4. Use the resulting hole as a buttonhole for an adjustable ear warmer


Rolled Edge Version

Start and finish FAST with stockinette ends. Let the ends roll for easy finishing. Embellish if you like ... you're the designer!
  1. Cast on with any single bed method

  2. Knit 1 - 1 ½" in plain knitting

  3. Transfer every other needle to the ribber

  4. Set carriages for Fisherman or English Rib

  5. Knit a rectangle to size

  6. When the knitting is complete,transfer all needles to the main bed.

  7. Knit 1 - 1 ½" in plain knitting

  8. Bind off loosely

  9. Neatly join the ribbed edges together, letting the stockinette edges roll


Twisted Version

This twisted headwarmer has a vintage feel and is easy to knit. An easy, invisible seam creates the twist. Notice there is no seam at the back.

If you can knit a rectangle, you can knit this project

The key to getting the size right is to knit a swatch. Swatching in ribbing, whether it's Fisherman Rib, English Rib or any stitch pattern is the same as for plain knitting. Be sure to knit a large enough swatch to measure in the middle of the swatch. you don't want your measurement distorted by the edges. Use contrasting yarn markers to mark the center of your swatch as you knit so you don't have to count stitches.
Watch the swatching video in the tutorials section below

  1. Cast on with any method

  2. Knit a rectangle to size in Fisherman or English Rib

  3. Bind off loosely

  4. Identify which side you prefer as the "right" side

  5. Right sides together, fold the knitting in half lengthwise

  6. Position the ends to meet in the center

  7. Rotate the right end 180°

  8. Sandwich the right edge inside the left folded edge

  9. Seam through all 4 layers

  10. Turn to hide the seam and create the twist


Tab/Wrapped Version

Hide the seam of your rectangle with yarn wraps or a small knitted tab for another look.
  1. Cast on for 1x1 ribbing with any method

  2. Knit a rectangle to size in Fisherman Rib or English Rib

  3. Bind off loosely

  4. Neatly join the ribbed edges together

  5. Cover the seam and gather the band by wrapping yarn or knit a narrow strip and attach for the gathered look


Create your own pattern

Rectangle / Square

Rectangle / Square

Enter your stitch/row gauge and your dimensions to create simple scarves, shawls and blankets.
Use the Knit it Now Rectangle/Square tool to create your knitting blueprint.
For an adult make yours 4" - 6" wide and 17" - 20" long

No Ribber? No Problem!

If you don't have a ribber, hand-manipulating Fisherman or English rib isn't too difficult. The process is similar to creating 1x1 rib, but adding a bit of tuck.

Watch the video and see if you are willing to take the time to create these stitch patterns on your LK-150 or flatbed machine with no ribber

New to the Ribber?

Learning to master your ribber is a fun journey. This Ear Warmer pattern is a great exercise after you've learned to cast on in 1x1 rib and set your carriages for tuck.

If you are brand-new to your ribber, check out the Knit it Now Classrooms that will help you on your way to mastering your ribber.


Tutorials - Skills you Should Know

If you are lucky enough to have a ribber, these projects are a great way to use it for more than just plain 'ol ribbing on cuffs and hems.

Fisherman Rib

Experiment with English Rib

Swatching on the Double Bed

Ribber Weights on the Floor?

Short Row Flowers


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