• Standard Gauge
Machine Type
  • Brother/Knit King
7.00 STS
10.50 ROW
Yarn Used
Tamm 3 Ply 3/16
Tamm Yarns
Although it took me quite a while to knit this I really enjoyed doing it. I learned a few new tricks. I started machine knitting kind of late in life and I don't have the stamina to work very long at a time. But this is a great pattern for a newby. And it's a useful project. It is the perfect garment for sitting on the porch early in the morning or in the cool of the evening. And posting this from a computer is really easy. I tried with my phone but the link didn't work and so I tried my Ipad, It didn't work on that either. Got a 404 message on both. So the desk top is the easy way to go. Thanks for making it easy for an old lady. And thank you for this wonderful site.

Moe Swatloski

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