• Standard Gauge
Machine Type
  • Silver/Singer/Studio
Yarn Used
Opal, undyed, fingering
I”ve been wanting to make my own sock blanks for a while and also wanting to make socks on my machine. Also wanted to play with KoolAid dyeing. Attached are results of my first two projects. Striped socks: make double stranded blank on mid gauge (artisan 70D) at T10 - width estimated at about 6x length of one round on finished sock. Dyed with KoolAid then knit up sock on standard gauge. Tweaked the design so it was a true toe up did the toe shaping first, then foot, then heel than leg. For the painterly argyle sock, I did a small swatch on standard gauge to figure out length of yarn needed for 1 round, then figured out how many needles I would need on the mid gauge to consume that yardage. I added one extra needle, to the count and then knitted a double stranded blank with that # of needles. Dyed it in vertical stripes. When I knit the sock, toe up again, the planning paid off and I got the argyle effect that I wanted. Now I just have to get better at choosing color combinations! The yellow speckled socks were done from socknado - my actual first prototype of “true” toe up (seam underside).
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