• Mid-Gauge
Machine Type
  • Silver/Singer/Studio
27.00 STS
37.00 ROW
Yarn Used
Caron Baby Civona from my mom's stash
It's far from perfect, but I'm very pleased with the results. If it wasn't reversible, I'd put a pompom on top. Even my seaming has improved a lot. I re-watched the video on jogless stripes which helped enormously. Another thing I did which greatly improved the stitches was to replace a bunch of needles. The latches on several needles did not open smoothly. Maybe they were just slightly bent, but I kept getting "tuck" stitches even when the machine was not set to tuck anything. I also found that when you have nearly all needles in work, you have to be sure that you go enough past the needles for the side levers to click back into the correct position otherwise it's going to slip what you intended to knit. So another great learning experience. Thanks Sue for all the really helpful videos. This hat will go to a local charity during the next big drive in Oct-Nov. Done on a LK140.
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