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This book contains patterns for several skirts, bodices, jackets and a caftan. The skirts can be made with a waistband or continued on as a dress. Bodices may be made into overblouses or added to the skirts to make a gown. These outfits can be knitted in long or short length. Combine the patterns to make your own original ensemble and way you wish.

From Jodie:

"Not often do many of us have an opportunity, or place, to go to really "dress up" in glamorous clothes anymore.

But think about it. If nothing else, make yourself an exquisite dress to wear to the banquet at the next seminar you attend. These patterns can be as formal or as casual as you wish. Yarns, trims, embellishments, and pattern designs will change the character of each garment.

At home or out on the town, you will feel "special" and look terrific. Wearing an elegant gown for a grand evening, or entertaining at home in a luxurious casual outfit is a great feeling.

Have fun with this book and think of me when you are enjoying your special moments."


  • Measurements and Sizing
  • Secrets for a Beautiful Skirt
  • Compensation for Figure Faults
  • Jodie's Basic Hem
  • Facings
  • Waistbands
  • Double Needle (Closed Rib) Bodices
  • Basic "mix and match" skirts, bodices and jackets
  • 30" - 40" bust / 35" - 42" hip

50 pages

Well known, long time machine knitter, Jodie Raymond traveled extensively sharing her knowledge of machine knitting. Known for her excellent finishing work and her clear instructions, Jodi authored 17 books in her long career.

Knit it Now is honored to have purchased the publishing rights her books and is including her work in tutorials and patterns.