by Jodie Raymond
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Long-Time machine knitter and instructor, Jodie Raymond shares tips and techniques for using crochet with your machine knitting.
BONUS: Included in this book is an "easy swatch for machine knitters" If you struggle establishing a correct gauge in your machine knitting, try Jodie's method.

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From Jodie:

"In working with many knitters, it has been observed that the Crochet finishing on many of  my garments has been noticed. Lots of individuals have said they can knit, but have difficulty with crochet work. So, this book is my effort to show all of you how easy crocheting is done. Just a little practice and you're a pro .... another benefit of learning to crochet is to repair or correct major and minor disasters. There are a few tricks with crochet work to correct some unwanted happenings of a knit."

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