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Take your machine knitting to the next level! Take the traditional, experiment and make it contemporary!

Using historical and traditional cable examples, this detailed book explores techniques that incorporate cables in new and fresh ways.
This is a technique book, not a pattern book. It is designed to inspire your knitting.

This Book includes:

  • Basic cabling, 2, 3 and bigger stitch cables and plaits.
  • Travelling cables and plaits.
  • pp
  • Cables with purl stitches.
  • Double cable, oxo cable, pointelle cable, giant cable.
  • Very open holding cam cable. 
  • Applique cables.
  • How to change the direction of cables with holding cam corners
  • Yokeing technique, re-hanging on machine.
  • Using cable in a seam.
  • Joining fabrics with cables, macramé examples.
  • 15 Fully explained techniques.
  • 30 design/ swatch examples.
  • 50 pages
“It is incredibly rewarding realising how many skills I have obtained, and stimulating to see it is barely the tip of the iceberg!” - Jillian, California

Learn Contemporary Cables by Knit-1

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