This is the first book that delves deeply into easily mastered techniques that can be used to adapt and customize any project. Knitting the Perfect Fit is an invaluable guide for anyone interested in learning and perfecting shaping details in their knitting.

Acclaimed designer and teacher Melissa Leapman distills one of her most in-demand workshops into an authoritative guide that will help knitters understand how designer details and shaping actually work. From a variety of necklines and arm details to different trompe l'oeil shaping techniques that offer a more slimming and flattering look to any garment no matter your body type

Each technique is thoroughly explained with tips and exercised and then showcased in 21 appealing projects that allow knitters to practice their new skills.

  • Basics - Get your knitting into shape: Fully fashioned How-to's
  • Step away from the edge - Making simple stockinette garments look extraordinary
  • Designer Details - enrich your knits!
  • Figure Flatterers - Knit a fine Figure

Knitting .... Perfect Fit by Amazon