21 Sweaters for all shapes and sizes!

NOTE: Written for hand knitters, the concepts in this book apply to ALL knitters. The clear, detailed schematics and simple designs can easily be translated to machine knitting.
Knit to Flatter is about celebrating the body you have been given and creating sweaters that make you look and feel great. Part instruction manual and part pattern collection, Knit to Flatter teaches you how to assess your shape—top-heavy, bottom-heavy, or proportional— and then knit accordingly. With a great sense of fun and acceptance, Amy Herzog presents silhouettes and styles that work with each body shape, along with four ideal sweater patterns per category. She then provides patterns for 10 more sweaters with guidelines for customizing, so they can be tailored to flatter. Each pattern is written in up to 10 sizes, and the garments are photographed on models with genuine curves. No smoke and mirrors here. Just real beauty!
  • Chapter 1: Discovering your Body Type
  • Chapter 2: Top-Heavy Shapes
  • Chapter 3: Bottom-Heavy Shapes
  • Chapter 4: Proportional Shapes
  • Chapter 5: Other Figure Features
  • Chapter 6: Modifications

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