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DesignaKnit (DAK) is a software program that allows you to create knitting patterns. It's a powerful tool for both hand and machine knitters. It helps you design garments, create stitch patterns, and provides instructions for your knitting projects. The software is very popular with machine knitters, especially those who use electronic machines.
Designaknit is designed for Windows computers, however Mac owners can install Windows under Parallels and run DesignaKnit in that way.
You don't need an electronic machine to get value from DAK. DAK and non-electronic machines (LK-150)
NOTE:If you are outside the US, you must place your order with your local distributor (list of DesignaKnit Distributors)

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Cables are needed to connect the DesignaKnit Software to your knitting machine:

LK150, LK100, Brother KX350, Taitexma KH160, and manual machines: Screen Link USB Cable
About DAK and non-electronic machines (LK-150)

Electronic machines: Silver Reed Direct Link 5 (SilverLink5)

DesignaKnit 9 Complete by Knitcraft