by Yeoman Yarns

This yarn is dyed with pure indigo. The nature of true indigo is that color releases from the yarn when washed. It is essential that the garment be washed before wearing. Each time it is washed, it will fade as is the nature of true indigo. Wash your test swatch before measuring

This yarn is no longer available

Yeoman Fusion/Panama

Long time favorite cotton/acrylic blend that knits beautifully, and wears comfortably year-round. Great for the garter carriage.

$32.95 per cone

  • Colors: 30
  • Weight: Fingering Weight
  • Gauge: Tension 8-9
  • Standard 4.5mm
  • Yardage: 2000 ypp
  • Put Up: Cone(s)

Yeoman Cannele

Long time favorite mercerized cotton.

$27.45 245 gram cone

  • Colors: 40
  • Weight: Fingering Weight
  • Gauge: Tension 6-7
  • Standard Gauge 4.5mm
  • Yardage: 2,000 ypp
  • Put Up: Cone(s)

Yeoman Silk Bourette

Beautiful 100% silk in natural color

$21.95 pound

  • Colors: 1
  • Weight: Fingering Weight
  • Standard
  • Yardage: 1969
  • Put Up: Cone(s)

Yeoman Fusion Acrylic Cotton

Best of both worlds acrylic/cotton blend. Excellent quality with a soft matte finish.

$30.75 500 g cone

  • Colors: 12
  • Weight: Fingering Weight
  • Gauge: 30 sts/ 44 rows
  • Standard
  • Yardage: 1800 YPP
  • Put Up: Cone(s)
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