by Jodie Raymond
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Diagram style and written text instructions for several method of personalizing hats and caps that says "Especially for you!"

From Jodie:

The greatest asset of our knitting machine is the ease with which an unusual, personalized gift can be produced. A hat or cap with a signature or a special slogan really conveys a very special "thinking just of you" that is hard to top. This book of patterns is published to compile some different methods to knit in your unique designs.

The patterns all have step-by step instructions. Some also have diagrams to help explain the positioning of the letters, etc. Several variations are printed of some items to enable you to use the same pattern and knit an entirely different look.

From Sue:

The photos in this book may be dated, but the techniques presented are invaluable!

  • Lined Skull Cap
  • Easy¬† Double, Double Ski Hat
  • Lined Ski Hat
  • Cap with Visor
  • Pleated Beret
  • Crochet Button
  • and more!


Signature Hats and Caps by Knit it Now eBook