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The most obvious feature of Pointelle is its open space made by eyelets or ladders. You may also know this as lace knitting. It also consists of lines and solid areas. Consider all three when you design your own patterns.

Your machine may have come with a lace carriage and punchcards but unless you want to knit huge swathes of fabric of regular patterns you will not be using it to learn about pointelle.

48 pages - Includes:
  • Transferring stitches, basic fully fashioning.
  • Scallop edge.
  • How to make pointelle in square, diamond and circle shapes.
  • How to make these into repeat patterns.
  • Diagonal lines. Zigzag/chevron patterns.
  • Giant eyelets, 2,3,4,5, st.
  • Holding cam techniques to make slashes.
  • Graphic pointelle.
  • Ladders, travelling ladders.
  • Making very open fabrics and deconstructed knits.
  • 12 Fully explained techniques.
  • 58 Design/swatch examples.

  • NOTE: This is a technique book, not a pattern book. It is designed to inspire your knitting.

    Learn Manipulated Pointelle by Knit-1