When knitters are first introduced to knitting machines, they are surprised that we can't easily knit Garter Stitch (knit every row).

Because we aren't reversing our work as you do in hand knitting, as we knit, we are working knit and purl rows to create stockinette.

Here are some clever ways to add the texture of garter stitch.

1 Reverse Stockinette

Use the purl side of the knitting as the right/public side of your garment. Similar texture without any extra work.

Top right: Reverse Stockinette
Lower left: Garter Stitch

2 Garter Bar Turn

Use an optional accessory gauged for your machine to remove stitches, turn them and re-hang them.

Single Row Garter Stitch Accent

3 Hand knitting needle turn

Remove stitches from the needlebed, turn and rehang.

Remove, turn, rehang

4 Garter Carriage

Motorized accessory for Brother Standard Gauge machines. Automatically form purl stitches.


5 Hand manipulation

Reform individual stitches manually.

Use a latch tool to reform stitches

6 Ribber transfer between needlebeds

use a Double-eye needle to transfer stiches.

Transfer between ribber and main bed

7 Ribber Transfer Carriage

Use an optional accessory, Ribber Transfer Carriage to more easily transfer stitches between the beds.

Single Row Garter Stitch Accent

8 Use "Jaws" (Shadow Lace Transfer tool)

Transferring stitches between ribber and main bed can be tedious.
Use a standard gauge accessory fondly known as "jaws" to make the process go more quickly.


9 Hand Knitting

Considering all the time and fuss it takes to create garter stitch on the machine, consider hand knitting sections of garter stitch and hang the stitches on the machine.

There is NO law that says your entire project has to be done on the knitting machine. There is also NO law that says all knitting must be done by hand …. (machine knitting is NOT cheating).

Hand Knitting

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Sandra U
 Jul 18, 2022
An excellent subject to show options for garter stitch. Pick your favourite method or use the best method for your current project.