If you look up the term Jacquard, you will get a number of different definitions:

Jacquard fabric is a textured fabric that has complex patterns woven into it, rather than printed, dyed, or embroidered on top. Jacquard weaving has its origins in sixth-century Italian brocade, and it remains one of the most popular types of fabric to this day."

The term can also refer to the device on a loom to create fabrics in color:

Jacquard is an apparatus with perforated cards, fitted to a loom to facilitate the weaving of figured and brocaded fabrics."

For machine knitters, jacquard can simply refer to knitting with different color yarns. Machine knitters have a number of methods of accomplishing this.

Intarsia | Picture Knitting Blocks of color

Some machines have a built-in intarsia feature, others need a separate carriage.

Manual machines: Knit intarsia with hold and multiple passes of the carriage. Intarsia on a manual machine
machine knit intarsia
Knit-In | Fairisle : 2 colors per row knit on the single bed with automatic patterning (punchcards or electronics). Fairisle can be knitted with 2 yarns in the carriage and both colors knit with a single pass of the carriage.

Manual machines: Manually select the needles, use the hold setting and knit multiple passes of the carriage for each color (similar to intarsia)
machine knit fairisle
Multi-color Slip and Multi-Color Tuck . colors are knit one at a time, with a multi-color row being knit with multiple passes of the carriage.

Manual machines: Manually select needles
machine knit multi-color slip
2 color slip
Double Bed Jacquard Add ribber needles (often full needle rib) to multi-color slip or multi-color tuck to reduce the floats and create a thick, warm fabric.

Manual machines: This is a double bed technique only. If you have a ribber, hand select needles on the main bed and knit multiple passes of the carriage
machine knit double bed jacquard
2 color Double Bed Jacquard

Jacquard = Knitting in color
Double Bed Jacquard = Knitting in color WITH THE RIBBER

knitting machine course on stitch patterning

Automatic Stitch Patterning

As machine knitters, using automatic patterning (punchcard or electronics) makes knitting any style of Jacquard fabrics easier.

Learn the 3 steps to master stitch patterning on your machine with the complete Knit it Now course "Automatic Stitch Patterning"

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