I was recently working with a knitter who asked:
Tuck lace: How do I know what needles to put out of work?
Tuck Lace : Stitch pattern combining tuck stitch with needles out of work (both single and double bed)

We were working with this stitch pattern:

TIP:Stitch patterns are automatically centered on the needlebed - start by identifying 0

The red line indicates "0" and the "O" symbol on the chart chart indicates that needles Right 1 and 6 Plus Left 5 need to be out of work. But both of us were having trouble visualizing how to repeat the needle selection across the row.

Once I copied the stitch pattern and made 2 repeats, things became a bit more clear.
To help visualize the stitch pattern,I highlighted the needles that will be KNITTING.

Stitch world #290 Tuck lace

Once we established the needle sequence, using a Knit it Now Cheat sheet made selecting the out of work needles easier. We were able to accurately set up the entire needlebed.
By using a Knit it Now Cheat Sheet, I make a template to more easily select the needles to be put in out of work position across the row.

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Sue J
 Feb 28, 2023
@ jared Planning stitch multiples are a challenge. You have to make a decision where to stop the patterning. How many stitches will be plain? Check out this video: https://www.knititnow.com/learn/tutorial/431/stitch-multiples

Maryann B
 Feb 28, 2023
This a fantastic aid. Thanks for creating all the different gauges. some of us have (cough) more than one gauge in their collection.

Jared S
 Feb 28, 2023
This was always so confusing to me. Once I saw and heard it explained correctly to me, a light bulb went off. Sometimes it still gives me pause to think and I have to work a switch to make sure it's working correctly. It's still confusing if I need just a specific number of needles and the pattern repeat multiples doesn't match the total number of stitches I need.