Stop yanking down the fronts of your sweaters. Add extra length to the center front for better fit

Shape your sweaters to accommodate your curves. Most knitting patterns don't offer instruction for darts, but they can easily be added to any pattern

Use the Knit it Now Bust Dart tool and let us do the math for you!

Bust darts in sewing patterns shorten the side seams to add extra length to the center front of a sweater.

As knitters, we use short row shaping to add length to the center front.
How to add bust darts

Darts and short rows can be used for other shaping needs too.

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Meredith B
 Aug 10, 2023
yes! here's a video

Cherie S
 Aug 5, 2023
Great information to know. Can this same principal be used for pregnant mom's to be and/or men's "Beer Bellys?"