Are you tired of pesky knots interrupting your machine knitting projects?

In this video, we unveil expert techniques to help you achieve knot-free knitting mastery. Discover the secrets to effortlessly removing knots and unlock a world of smooth and seamless knitting.

Add this one to your bag of tricks for more effortless knitting.

What do you do when you run into knots?

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Jacqui H
 Dec 30, 2023
I’d actually cut the knot, not just hold it below, and weave in the ends on the machine.

Judy H
 Jun 22, 2023
I expected one of the tips you had mentioned in a comment some time ago. Using a ball winder will most likely reveal knots that might become problematic later.

Tam O
 Jun 20, 2023
I've mostly embraced the knot, otherwise I do what you did.

Donna B
 Jun 20, 2023
Most of the time I'm working from cakes rewound from skeins or hanks so I will join them (outside end of one cake to inside end of next cake, etc.) with a Russian Join before hand. Other times if I haven't pre-joined them I'll see the end well in advance and will make the call to join a new cake at the end of the present row even if I have a foot or more of yarn left. I can always cut off long tails to use for sewing up seams!