Get comfortable at your machine

Position at the machine is most important. A good chair, stool, or bench, etc. is essential. But that is no good if it doesn't give you the ease and comfort you want for knitting!~ Norma Sweet

The change in movement of the carriage with knitting on the machine is amazing. You will know when "it's just right". You as a knitter have greatly added to your knitting pleasure!!!

Article by Norma Sweet (used with permission)

1 Don't Push Down

When you sit at your machine ready to knit, put your hand on the handle of the carriage as you usually do.

  • Never, never press down. Use a push pull action, not an "ironing" action

  • Use both hands and alternate pushing and pulling the carriage

Use a push pull action, not an "ironing" action

2 Arm, hand and wrist position


Many knitters will find their elbow is below the level of the wrist and hand.

Knitting in this position, after a time, will create an ache and pain through the neck and across the shoulders.

Try sitting higher so that your elbow is slightly above the wrist and hand.

3More tips

  • A stool for your feet may be needed or your machine table or stand may have to be lowered.

  • If you have a stand to use your machine, the same elbow position is needed. (elbows slightly above the hands)

  • Try standing to knit. Use an adjustable table to keep the elbow position correct. Here's what I use

  • Good lighting is a must

  • A clean (and oiled) machine bed and carriage are essential.

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Cindy V
 Dec 12, 2021
I find if I am too high I am bend my neck too much when I am hanging stitches, etc and that will fatigue my neck very quickly.

Nancy M
 Dec 8, 2021
Great tips. Good posture is a must... also taking breaks to stretch and hydrate will cut down on those aches and pains from tense muscles.....this is advice I wish I had followed before I learned the hard way !

Beverley G
 Dec 7, 2021
Good suggestions. I do find standing has made a big difference on my neck and shoulders. I will pay more attention to my wrist in relation to my elbows.

Lynda B
 Dec 7, 2021
Love this! Pragmatic and very useful! Thank you!!! Lynda B

Darlene S
 Dec 7, 2021
These are all pertinent and easy to understand. Thank you!!!!