Learn to get GREAT FIT!

Don't just follow knitting patterns and HOPE that the designer had YOUR body in mind when they did the math!
  • Are you always happy with your knits?
  • Do you struggle with the same fit issues over and over?
  • Do you choose your knitting pattern size by your body measurement?
Discover how to make knits that fit YOU! Learn common fit issues and how to fix them.
Use DesignaKnit, Pencil and Paper, Charting Devices or Knit it Now patterns.
Apply what you learn to your next knitting project. You'll be delighted with the results!

Review the outline below for more details.
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Course Outline

Section 1: "Nothing I Knit Fits!" ... Consider This:
Can You Relate to This Knitter?
NO Pattern is One-Size-Fits-All
Machine(s) and Yarn
Silly Question: Do You Read?
The Secret to Determining to Good Fit
Section 2: What's the problem?
Sound Familiar?
Not Enough Needles
Knit it Now Patterns: Sizing and Ease
Section 3: Your Success Depends on This
Are You on Board?
Swatching is NOT Optional
Gauge swatch verses Tension Swatch
Gauge and Drop
Swatching: Up Close
Swatch #1
Swatch #2
Create your Schematic
Info From the Pattern Notes
Uncover Your MK Pattern Instructions
Practice Reading/Translating a HK Pattern
Section 4: Your PERFECT Sweater
Analyze Sweater Styles
Sweater Styles Part 2
Don't Measure your Body!
Select Your Sweater Model
Measure and Record
Section 5: Baby Steps: A Man's Vest
Let's keep things simple ... for now
Measure the golf sweater
The "Perfect" Hand Knitting Pattern
Practice Reading/Translating a HK Pattern
Create the Vest with a Charting Device
Create the Vest in DesignaKnit
Can't find YOUR Perfect Sweater?
Section 6: Common Fit Issues
Sleeves Too Long?
Back / Front Too Short
Make Room for 'The Girls'
Neck Opening Too Wide
Upper Arm Too Tight
Wrinkles at the Front Armhole
Armhole Depth
Section 7: Conclusion
4 Ways to Address Fit Issues
Purchase This Home Study Course
Price: $49.99
Become a subscriber today and save 20% on this course