NOTE: This course was designed to provide machine knitting instruction for anyone who purchased the Dragon Shawl Kit from

There is NO dynamic pattern.

Why should hand knitters have all the fun? Quickly knit your Dragon Shawl kit on your knitting machine.

  • Watch as we knit our Dragon (mistakes and all)
  • Learn/refresh techniques needed to knit your Dragon
  • The ONE best tip for success
  • The Course is Free for Subscribers Reg $12.99

Buy the kit - your choice of colorways!

Look what's included in the course
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Price: $12.99

Course Outline

  • Buy the Kit
  • Introduction
  • Don't skip this Step!
  • Knitting Overview
  • Watch as we create our Dragon
  • Cast on Suggestions
  • Short Row Refresher
  • Bind off tips
  • Blocking
  • 3 ways to "walk" your knitting
  • The ONE BEST TIP for success .... Don't Run out of Yarn
  • Oops! Ripping rows
  • Oops! Fixing Mistakes
Purchase This Course
Price: $12.99