Master your knitting machine FAST!
Learn and practice the basics that every machine knitter should know.

You have to walk before you can run. Yes, you want to make that gorgeous sweater on the cover of Vogue Knitting magazine ... but without a firm foundation, you will not be happy with the results.

Be patient, start at square one and take it one step at a time. Each section builds on the previous skills learned. You will knit 3 caps, each using techniques you've learned.

No matter what machine you have ... LK_150 or a fancy electronic machine, this course is written to apply to any machine.

When you complete this course, we guarantee that you will be ready to knit garments.

Video Tutorials | 20+ Exercises | 3 Projects with Patterns

"...It really helps me to have all the relevant material in one place in some sort of order. As a beginner at first i was just too overwhelmed to figure out exactly what I needed to know and now you and Matt have made it so easy and fun to learn and to want to learn more. " ~Karen

NOTE: The Beginner Bootcamp course has been retired. If you purchased the Beginner Bootcamp previously, you can find it in your Library. Click - Home, then Courses
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Course Outline

Introducing .. Your Knitting Machine
Your machine
Needle Positions
Yarns for machine knitting
Yarn for Machine Knitting
Helpful, Essential Tips
Essential Tips
Using Transfer Tools
Using the Latch Tool
Cast On Methods
Open Cast on
Closed Cast On
Troubleshooting Cast on Problems
Bind off Methods
Ending your knitting
Swatching is Not Optional!
Your Success Depends on this
Gauge swatch verses Tension Swatch
Understanding Gauge
How much Yarn do I Need?
Don't Sweat it!
Practice - Yarn Estimate
Just for Fun
Getting Inspired?
Project 1: Get Knitting
Basic Beginner Hat
Build Your Pattern
View Your Pattern
Show Off Your Hat
Hems and Ribbing
Project 2: Double Warm Hat
Double Warm Hat
Create Your Pattern
View your pattern
Show Off Your Hat
Reading MK Patterns
Machine Knitting Patterns
MK Abbreviations
Your Turn: Read this pattern
Intro to Patterning
Stitch Patterning
Basic Increasing and Decreasing
Project 3: Shaped Watch Cap
Shaped Watch Cap
KIN dynamic pattern
My Pattern
Show Off Your Hat
Seaming Perfection
Print the Worksheets
Free Project
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Price: $49.95
This course is FREE with a yearly membership to Knit It Now Become a Member Today