Upside Down Raglan

Sweater Collection
Machine Knit a sweater in one piece
Also called "Top Down" the unusual construction of this sweater equals fast knitting and minimal finishing
Kids to adults will appreciate the classic style

You will appreciate the challenge of knitting upside down!

This is a pattern collection created from 6 books originally written by long-time knitter and instructor, Jodi Raymond.
  • They've been updated and the "text-heavy" instructions have been re-written for easier reading
  • The written instructions are now in a step-by-step checklist format
  • The diagrams have been re-formatted making them easier to follow
  • Also included are relevant videos and additional instruction for each step of the way

  • Round or V Neck
  • Babies to Adults
    to 48" /122cm finished chest/bust
  • 32 sts | 44 rows = 4"(10cm)
  • 18 sts/26 rows = 4"(10cm)
  • 12 sts/20 rows = 4"(10cm)
  • 16 sts/24 rows = 4"(10cm)
  • 20 sts/28 rows = 4"(10cm)
NOTE: Unlike our Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns, these are sized to specific gauges.
Included is a 'translator' to help you choose your size if you can't match gauge exactly.

Like the yarn in the sample? It's KnitPicks Comfy Color Mist Cotton/Acrlic Blend
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Course Outline

  • Before You Start Knitting
  • Get Started Checklist
  • Neckline Notes
  • Round Neckband Notes
  • V Neckband Notes
  • Yarn Needed
  • What Size to Knit?
  • Upside Down Sizing Chart
  • Matching Gauge
  • Gauge Hack
  • Gauge Hack
  • Round Neck Demo
  • V-Neck Demo
  • Select Style
  • Select Gauge
  • Select A Size
  • sizing data when clicking size from options
  • Round-Neck Pattern Pieces
  • 1 Round Neckband
  • 2 Round Back Pattern
  • 3 Round Front Pattern
  • 4 Round Neck Sleeves Pattern
  • Round Neck Diagram
  • Your Current Selection is for a V Neck
  • Neckline detail
  • Round Neck Cardigan Construction
  • V-Neck Pattern Pieces
  • 1 V-Neck Front Triangles
  • 2 V-Neck Band Pattern
  • 3 V-Neck Back Pattern
  • Adjust Sleeve Length
  • 4 V-Neck Front Pattern
  • 5 V-Neck Sleeves Pattern
  • V Neck Diagram
  • Your Current Selection is for a Round Neck
  • V-Neck Cardigan Construction
  • Blocking and Assembly
  • Adjust Sleeve Length
  • hidden sleeve length tool
  • Yarn Needed
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • SYSK - Seaming
  • Ribbing Options
  • Stitch Patterns
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Price: $39.99