These scarves and shawls are easy knitting and can be used as a canvas for your creativity. Knit in lace (automatic or hand manipulated), stitch patterns, or stripes. Consider knitting them on the ribber.

This Knit it Now Collection gives you a variety of styles to choose, each with it's own features.

4 styles to choose

Simple Triangle
Fast 'n Easy
Point to Point

Triangular scarves are a fun way to try new stitch patterns and create quick gifts or craft fair items using a small amount of yarn. Because they are small, the needlebed limitations of our machines don't come into play as much as with a full shawl. Knit triangular scarves and shawls in different directions for a different look.
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Course Outline

  • About Triangle Scarves / Shawls
  • Simple Triangle Scarf
  • Triangle Scarf Instructions
  • Fast 'n Easy Shawl
  • Fast 'n Easy Instructions
  • Point-to-Point Shawl
  • Point-to-Point Instructions
  • Chevron Shawl
  • Chevron Shawl Instructions
  • Swirl Shawl
  • 'Lopsided' Shawl
  • Swatching is not Optional!
  • Increases and Decreases
  • Cast On
  • Stripes
  • Inspiration
  • Upload a photo
  • Shared Projects
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