Unbox, set up and put the Taitexma TH/TR160 through it's paces.

  • Unboxing
  • Learn about the machine (what are all those pieces and parts?)
  • Casting on and binding off
  • Tuck (pull-up) stitch
  • Slip (skip) stitch
  • Intarsia (picture knitting)
  • Plaiting
  • Unbox the ribber
  • Get familiar with the ribber
  • Using the ribber

  • Over 60 minutes of videos
    PLUS tips and tricks for success with your machine.

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    Course Outline

    Unbox the machine
    Heads up! x2
    Searchable Machine manuals
    Notes about the manual
    Learn about the Machine
    Terms you must know
    Tools and Accessories
    Claw Weight Tip
    Yarn for Your Machine
    Carriage Settings
    Check your understanding
    The Proper Way to Knit
    Replace Needle and Sponge Bar
    Casting On and Binding Off
    Casting on Stitches
    Binding Off
    Tuck (Pull-up) Stitch
    About Tuck Stitch
    Tuck Inspiration
    Slip (Skip) Stitch
    About Slip (Skip) Stitch
    Slip Inspiration
    i-Cord and Slip
    About Intarsia
    Control the colors
    Unboxing the Ribber
    About the Ribber
    Tools and Accessories
    Get Familiar with Your Ribber
    Drop and raise the ribber
    Attach and remove the ribber carriage
    Join the Carriages
    Ribber Carriage
    The Ribber Carriage Settings
    Explore Racking
    Adjust the Ribber
    Using the Ribber
    Casting On & 1x1 Ribbing
    Hold Setting
    Full Needle Rib (FNR)
    English Rib
    Fisherman Rib
    Circular (Tubular) Knitting
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    Price: $49.95