The Brother KH260 is the last punchcard bulky that the Brother company produced. It is a workhorse of a machine with everything you need to create beautiful bulky weight knitting.

With this course you will set up and put your Brother 260 to work.
Do you have a Taitexma TH260 or Taitexma TH260L? These are clones of the Brother machine. This course is for you!

  • Learn about the machine (what are all those pieces and parts?)
  • Casting on and Binding off
  • All About Punchcards
  • Tuck (pull-up) stitch
  • Slip Stitch
  • Fair Isle
  • Thread lace
  • Plaiting
  • Knit Weave
  • Using the Ribber
  • Full Needle Rib
  • English Rib
  • Fisherman Rib
  • KL-116 KnitLeader
  • Drop Stitch Lace (D-Slider)
Over 90 minutes of video
Plus cheatsheets and tips and tricks for success with your machine
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Course Outline

Learn About the Machine
Your manuals
Terms you must know
Tools and Accessories
Setting up your machine
Yarn for Your Machine
Your Knitting Carriage
Plain Knitting
The Proper Way to Knit
Replace Needle and Sponge Bar
Casting On
Thread your machine
Casting on Stitches
Secure the yarn tail
Open vs Closed Cast On
Bind off
Binding Off
Automatic Stitch Patterning
Carriage Settings
The Punchcard
Pattern Variations (double high)
End Needle Selection
Original Punchcards
Tuck Stitch
About Tuck Stitch
Tuck Checklist
Slip Stitch
About Slip (Skip) Stitch
Slip Stitch Checklist
Knit Weave
About Knit Weave
Knit Weave Checklist
About Fairsle
Fairisle Checklist
Thread (Punch) Lace
About Thread Lace
Thread Lace Checklist
About Plaiting
Plaiting Checklist
Your Ribber
About the Ribber
Attach the Ribber
The Ribber Carriage
Adjust the Ribber
Explore Racking
Using Your Ribber
Ribber Cast On
Basic Cast on Checklist
Full Needle Rib (FNR)
English Rib
English Rib Checklist
Fisherman Rib
Drop Stitch Lace
Brother KL-116 Knitleader
Knitting Bar
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