Marketed under both the Singer, Studio and Empisal brands, this high-end standard gauge (4.5mm) machine has it all! All of the patterning with punchcards, plus a built-in charting device.

  • Learn about the machine (what are all those pieces and parts?)
  • Casting on and Binding off
  • All About Punchcards
  • Tuck (pull-up) stitch
  • Slip Stitch
  • Fair Isle
  • Thread lace
  • Plaiting
  • Knit Weave
  • Ribber instructions are not included
Over 40 minutes of video
Plus cheatsheets and tips and tricks for success with your machine
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Course Outline

  • Your manuals
  • Printable Reference Cards
  • Terms you must know
  • Tools and Accessories
  • Setting up your machine
  • Yarn for Your Machine
  • Your Knitting Carriage
  • Plain Knitting
  • The Proper Way to Knit
  • Thread your machine
  • Secure the yarn tail
  • Needle Positions
  • Casting on Stitches
  • Open vs Closed Cast On
  • Binding Off
  • About Automatic Patterning on this Machine
  • Carriage Settings
  • The Punchcard
  • Pattern Variations (double high)
  • Design Orientation
  • Where to start knitting?
  • Original Punchcards
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Heads up!
  • End Needle Selection
  • About Tuck Stitch
  • Tuck Checklist
  • About Slip (Skip) Stitch
  • Slip Stitch Checklist
  • About Knit Weave
  • Knit Weave Checklist
  • About Fairsle
  • Fairisle Checklist
  • About Thread Lace
  • Thread Lace Checklist
  • About Plaiting
  • Plaiting Checklist
  • Lace Carriage
  • Plain Lace Checklist
  • Simple Eyelet Transfers
  • About Fashion Lace
  • Fashion Lace Checklist
  • Visual Knitting Patterns
  • Set up the Knit Contour
  • Using the Knit Contour
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